As we’re nearing the end of June, the #ExtremeMakeoverCMUEdition renovation project is showing some great progress!

Elevator pit
Elevator pit — footings poured & foundation wall constructed

Between last week and this week, the elevator pit has been dug, footings poured, and foundation wall constructed. Additionally, the footings and foundation wall for the east portion of the addition have been dug and poured. Are you confused yet? Don’t worry. All of these technical terms simply mean that construction crews are almost ready to start building from the ground up.

Footing for addition (3)
East side of the new addition– footings poured & foundation wall constructed

Not only has progress been made on the outside of the building, there has also been some major changes to the inside. The wall that spanned the width of our Main Lounge (the one that students signed on Study Day) has started to come down along with the interior walls that separated Copy2Print and the Recreation and Outing Center (ROC). As shown in the photo below, standing in the ROC allows you to see straight through where Copy2Print used to be and up to the new temporary walls in the back of the Main Lounge. Eventually, that wall will be removed as well, making way for the open-concept collaboration space.

ROC, C2P, Main Lounge (3)
Vantage point of the ROC, Copy2Print, and the backside of the Main Lounge as if standing at the former ROC desk

Of course, there are also little changes that are happening on the daily. Make sure to follow us on Facebook (here) and Twitter (here) to stay in the loop!