The Office of Campus Sustainability is proud to announce that Stephanie Reynolds, a junior Sustainability major, has been selected to receive the Spring 2015 Sustainability Leadership Award.

“Stephanie has been a tireless champion for sustainability at MSUM as well as in the community.  Among her many contributions to making MSUM greener, as acting President of the MSUM Green Dragons Steph has taken a lead role in planning this year’s Earth Day events,” said Joe Herbst, sustainability coordinator. “She’s also been working part-time with Clay County, assisting with plans for a county-wide composting facility, and writing and presenting a conservation plan for the county. Further, Stephanie understands the difference between the concept of sustainability and applied sustainability. The latter being much more pragmatic, political, and nuanced.”

Members of the Sustainable Campus Initiative Committee voted unanimously in favor of her nomination, with Physics and Sustainability faculty member Steven Lindaas commenting that “she’s definitely deserving.”

The Sustainability Leadership Award was created in conjunction with an MSUM alumnus who heard about our efforts and wanted to give back. In addition to being recognized for their work, awardees also receive a $500 cash prize. Come help congratulate Stephanie on her accomplishments at 12 p.m. today on the campus mall.