Show your Dragon pride at viewing party

Dragon runners sponsored by President Anne for the Fargo Marathon range from novice runners who’ve only been running a couple of months, to experienced marathon competitors. But one thing they all share: Dragon pride and gratitude that their president cares about students to support healthy lifestyles and encourage community involvement.

“I love that Pres. Anne is sponsoring runners. The Fargo Marathon is a huge event for the Fargo-Moorhead area,” said Sarah DeYonge, a sophomore public relations major. “With Pres. Anne sponsoring runners, it shows that MSUM is a super cool and supportive school, and it shows potential students that the relationship students have with faculty extend far beyond just professors and advisers.”

Kari Ann Swoboda, a graduate student in the counseling and student affairs program, agrees. She is an experienced marathon runner and is running on the relay team to support the CNSA program.

“(Pres. Anne) has a huge passion for running and she is promoting and encouraging an active lifestyle onto the students at MSUM campus and the greater community,” Swoboda said. “We need more leaders to promote a healthy lifestyle, and she is a great example of what that looks like.”

Provost Anne sponsored Fargo Marathon student runners last year, but she says this year, in particular, the marathon is a celebration of the Fargo-Moorhead community, including our higher education institutions.

“For the first time, the course will include NDSU, Concordia College and MSUM campuses. Encouraging our students to participate is one way to engage our students in the Fargo-Moorhead community while promoting MSUM and the sense of achievement that accompanies accomplishing a really big goal,” Pres. Anne said.

“It is a great way to advertise our amazing campus and shows people that we have courage and passion for what we do,” said Steven Mindermann, a senior anthropology major who has run competitively but has never competed in the Fargo Marathon.

Lauren Johnson, a senior English writing major and Dahl desk manager agrees.

“President Anne is a great inspiration to many students. The fact that she’s willing to sponsor students to run not only shows her commitment to our institution, but also to a healthy lifestyle. This act shows her dedication to the students and the community, and helps to spread her passion for running in a positive way.”

Michelle Reistad, a junior majoring in integrated advertising and public relations, hasn’t run since her freshman year of high school, but was inspired to start running again because of Pres. Anne.

“What helps me stay motivated is knowing I have a team depending on me, and it’s one of the reasons I chose to run the relay. Also, having the chance to represent MSUM through President Blackhurt’s sponsorship means a lot to me. It has been my biggest motivation as far as training goes. I love MSUM and am so proud to be a Dragon!”

Pres. Anne’s recent completion of the Boston Marathon inspired many people, including these runners.

“How many people can say they’ve completed a marathon, let alone the Boston (marathon),” Reistad said. “Her dedication to running has given me the inspiration I need to help me reach my dreams of one day completing a marathon as well.”

Experienced runner and counseling and student affairs graduate student Katie Oman says, “Many people do not understand the hard work that goes into running, but also do not understand how it can be a stress reliever for certain people. I also like that Pres. Anne demonstrates hard work and dedication to not only a career, but also a hobby.”

Dragon runners are teaming up with classmates, sorority sisters, teammates and co-workers. See the list of Dragon runners below.

In addition, sociology Professor Deb White is sponsoring students Jake Saurdiff and Kyle Ross in the full marathon and Jessica Johnson in the half marathon.

There’s still time to represent MSUM in the College School Spirit Challenge to determine who has more pride—Dragons or Bison! Register and run/walk/crawl the Friday Night 5K with Dragon gear and red and white! The school with the most pride will win!

Register online today! Save $5 when you use the coupon code DRAGON5 while registering!

Cheer on your friends! Here’s a list of Pres. Anne’s sponsored runners:

  • Megan Martinez
  • Krista Flanagan, junior, athletic training and Health Service Administration, Andover, MN
  • Dani Odenthal
  • Maggie Wieser, senior, athletic training, Rosholt, SD
  • Jill Ulven, senior, elementary inclusive education, Hawley, MN
  • Krislyn Miyashiro
  • Maddison LaLonde
  • Nika Kingdon
  • Ashley Higgins
  • Amber Helgoe, sophomore, physical education and health, Big Lake, MN
  • Kaitlyn McKinney
  • Marisa Yasuda, senior, biology-health and medical sciences, Vancouver, Canada
  • Michelle Resistad, junior, integrated advertising and public relations, Brookfield, WI
  • Steven Mindermann, senior, anthropology, Indianola, IA
  • Lauren Johnson, senior, English writing, Monticello, MN
  • JC Cerbvenka
  • Kayla Armstrong
  • Heidi Fiechtner, graduate student, counseling and student affairs, Fargo, ND
  • Katie Oman, graduate student, counseling and student affairs, Dawson, MN
  • Kari Swoboda, graduate student, counseling and student affairs, Becker, MN
  • Karla Schneider, junior, mathematics, Sauk Centre, MN
  • Krista Guldseth
  • Sarah DeYonge, sophomore, public relations, Sioux Falls, SD
  • Julia Rief, sophomore, psychology, Inver Grove Heights, MN
  • Mattingly Rezac, sophomore criminal justice and sociology, Fargo, ND
  • Kaitlyn Brandon
  • Hayle Johnson
  • Amaris Estrada, sophomore, psychology, Moorhead, MN