Carl Oltvedt, faculty in the School of Visual Arts, is currently exhibiting “A Delicate Balance” at the Groveland Annex in Minneapolis. His work was recently covered in the Star-Tribune. 

This exhibition reflects his continued interest in working directly from life. His intimate relationship with his subjects – whether they be the forest and streams near the North Shore or the landscapes of his favorite Minneapolis parks – are revealed through extraordinary draftsmanship and small, painterly brush strokes. His careful observations are depicted with thoughtful details: dappled sunlight on a park bench; a young woman bent over pooled water, the rosey sunset reflected beneath her; spongy moss growing on a fallen tree. The show is on display until April 18, 2015.
The Groveland Annex is located at 25 Groveland Terrace in Minneapolis. More information about the show is available at the links below: