CassClay Alive: Volunteer & Service Fair profile

As the Volunteer & Service Fair approaches, the Office of Student Activities is highlighting organizations that will be at the Fair. First up is CassClay Alive

How does your organization serve our community?

CassClayAlive! is a healthy living initiative of Dakota Medical Foundation. Our goal is to reduce overweight and obesity rates in 2-19-year-olds in Cass and Clay counties by 20 percent by 2020. It is a collaboration of health-minded organizations that have joined to make Cass and Clay counties the healthiest place in America to raise children. Where children live, learn and play – their food and fitness environment – is one of the most important factors influencing whether they end up fit and healthy or not. This is the first generation of children expected to live shorter and sicker lives than their parents. So we’re working in schools, childcares, and other settings to help kids establish physical activity and healthy eating habits for a lifetime. Read more.