Dr. Katie Richardson Jens, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice from the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, was a guest speaker at the November 5th, 2014 pilot session of GROUP THINK at the Stage at Island Park in Fargo, ND. GROUP THINK is a local program that provides a platform for people pursuing interesting questions and compelling work to engage the thinking of a diverse group and vet an idea, connect with collaborators or evolve a project. It includes a mix of civic-minded, community-engaged social sector leaders and entrepreneurs who are interested or invested in social enterprise, social responsibility, social justice and community development. Dr. Richardson Jens and David Whitesock (Addictions Informatics Officer, from Face it TOGETHER, Sioux Falls, South Dakota), along with the audience, discussed the question: “How do we create systems and a climate of support for people released from prison and people recovering from the disease of addiction?” Anyone interested in learning more, volunteering or sponsoring can contact brittanysickler@gmail.com or karisjthompson@gmail.com. Stay tuned to https://www.facebook.com/GROUPTHINKfargo and http://www.groupthinkfargo.com/ for announcements.