Volunteers needed for Alley Fair community gathering

Alley Fair is a community gathering that works to activate and transform an alleyway for a day by bringing together local food, music and art. We hope to design an environment that will encourage visitors to rethink urban landscapes.The event will be family friendly from 11am until 7pm September 20th, with interactive art, live demonstrations, food, live performances, and outdoor activities featuring an Artist and Makers’ Market and Fall Harvest Market.

From 7pm until the event concludes at 11pm, Alley Fair will be featuring a live music performance by Diane Miller and the Silver Daggers. Guests can enter the alley South of Main Ave, on 9th Street South. Doors open at 7pm, Silver Daggers at 8pm. All ages and 21+ areas.
Tickets are only for the evening concert, all other Alley Fair afternoon activities are free of charge.

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Instagram: @AlleyFair

Friday, September 19th
Friday Afternoon (1pm)- people
  • Assisting Mara Morken with ground painting (preferably volunteers with a background in art!)
Saturday, September 20th
Saturday Morning (8:00am-12:00pm)- 10 people
·  Putting all infrastructure pieces into place, tables, chairs, decor items, games.
·  The event starts at 11:00am
Saturday Afternoon (12:00pm-6:00pm)- 10 people
·  Greeting, directing, booth sitting for artist vendors if they need to get food or use the bathrooms (one or two people at all times)
Saturday Evening (6pm-12:00am)- 10 people
·  Assisting the alcohol vendor with set up
·  The change over from day events to evening concert event must take place very quickly, so we need help moving fencing for the ticketed event
·  Ticket sales at the door
·  Clean up
Interested volunteers can contact me with their name, e-mail address, phone number, and the shift they are volunteering for at andersson.anna@hotmail.com.
With about two weeks to the event, the planning team is getting really excited as the final details fall into place! Volunteers help make this exciting event happen!
Thank you again! Let me know if there is any other information you need from us!