I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the entire MSUM campus community for helping to make College for Kids a success this summer. We had record-breaking enrollment this summer with 623 registrations! The MSUM campus was able to provide these students with a great experience, and for that I am grateful! Many of the students were excited about what they could take next summer and there were quite a few that made statements about how “cool” MSUM was and that they wanted to come here for college! Special thanks go out to Admissions, Athletics, Business Services, Grounds Crew, Marketing/Photography, Physical Plant, Office of Student Activities and last but not least the Maintenance staff.
College for Kids would also like to thank Lake Region Arts Council and Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation for the grant support that provided money for some scholarships and needed art supplies. With their support we were able to make this experience available to students that may not have been able to afford it otherwise, and that is truly rewarding.
Thank you again to all those on campus that helped to make this a record breaking summer!! I have even more ideas for next summer and I hope with your help we can add an even larger variety of courses that showcase the great majors, college students and faculty we have on the MSUM campus!
Shireen Alemadi, CFK Director