The Advocate is hiring for Fall 2014!

If you’re a dedicated student with a passion for writing, then you’re a perfect fit for The Advocate team. Check out our open positions for Fall 2014 and kick-start your career today! The Advocate provides aspiring journalists with real-world experience where you have to meet deadlines and pitch story ideas.

We will be accepting applications until April 18, with interviews starting April 21. Submit your applications with a resume to, or slide it under The Advocate office door, located in CMU 110.


-Come up with story ideas
-Recruit and monitor writers
-Organize staff members’ assignments
-With assistant editor, monitor news section (because there isn’t a news editor)
-Stay in contact with photo editor to make sure each section has photos
-Make the ultimate decisions on what is published
-Be available for all staff members to go to when they need help
-Work with business manager and ad manager to ensure healthy fiscal state
-Let business manager know about changes to payroll (example: someone is sick and doesn’t come to layout that week)
-Design front page and back page (with headlines)
-With assistant editor and opinion editor, write editorial
-Always check Advocate email for story ideas, comments, etc.
-Check messages on Advocate phone
-Make own decisions and innovations on the newspaper
-Stay in contact with printer and send paper to them every Tuesday night
-Stay in contact with adviser, and seek help when needed
-With assistant editor, hire staff members (for the following year, and when needed)
-Do everything humanly possible to make sure the paper comes out

Assistant Editor:
-Design News pages (with headlines)
-Come up with story ideas
-With editor, monitor news section
-Stay in contact with photo editor for news photos
-With editor and opinion editor, write editorial
-With editor, hire staff members (for the following year, and when needed)
-Assist editor when needed on all things (so they do not go crazy)

Opinion Editor:
-Hire columnists and cartoonists
-Make sure the opinion section is filled each week
-Design opinion pages (with headlines)
-With assistant editor and editor, write editorial

A&E & Sports Editors:
-Monitor own section
-Come up with story ideas for section
-Design pages for section (with headlines)
-Stay in contact with photo editor to make sure photos accompany stories in section
-Seek editor if help is needed

Photo Editor:
-Hire photographers, Give them assignments
-Make sure each section editor has the photos they need
-Make decisions on which photos are best for publication
-Work with editor on deciding which photos are published
-Edit all photos for publication (print and web)
-Seek editor if help is needed

Copy Editors (2):
-Edit every page on Sunday nights during layout
-Each page goes through three rounds of edits. Two copy editors view the page each round.
-While editing pages, pay attention to everything: AP style, grammar, wording, captions, photos/graphics, headlines, etc.
-Seek editor if help is needed

Web Editor:
-Post everything to website
-Monitor social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs)
-Design/maintain website
-Help with multimedia such as videos and podcasts
-Seek editor if guidance is needed

Business Manager:
-Mail invoices
-Balance Advocate checkbook (using Quickbooks)
-Work with ad manager on revenue
-Create yearly budget
-Keep advisor informed on budget concerns, seek help when needed
-Pick up mail