Percussion Ensemble and Flute Studio to perform outdoor musical event

The MSUM Percussion Ensemble and Flute Studio will present a unique sonic landscape at MSUM on Wednesday, April 9 at 7 p.m. Directed by Dr. Kenyon Williams, “Inuksuit,” a 75-minute epic work by Alaskan composer John Luther Adams, will be performed on the MSUM Mall as an outdoor musical event unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! Come walk among the 16 musicians as they craft a sonic environment throughout the entire quad using over 30 cymbals, 27 drums, sirens, wind machines, bullroarers, flutes, piccolos, glockenspiels, whirling tubes, conch shell trumpets, and more to help usher in a beautiful spring evening…Wednesday, 7pm!

“Inuksuit: Where music and nature collide.”