“Economics in Action” at the Expanding Your Horizons Conference

MSUM students, Fanuel Asrat, Aba Boadu, Kofi Boadu, Cody Brandt, Jasmin Lam, Julie Maahs, Melhik Negatu, and Mira Nkulukadiele, and Economics faculty members, T. J. Hansen and Gregory Stutes, offered a workshop in conjunction with the Expanding Your Horizons Conference on April 12. The local Expanding Your Horizons Conference invites young women from Minnesota and North Dakota who are in the seventh, eighth or ninth grades to experience careers, which use mathematics, critical thinking, and scientific inquiry. Young women who participated in the “Economics in Action” workshop conducted a consumer beverage survey and graphed the demand curve associated with the survey data. They also learned how the demand curve adjusts to changes in number of consumers, consumers’ incomes, prices of related goods, and consumers’ tastes and preferences.