Physics in Life topic of March 28 seminar

Friday, March 28 | 3-3:50 p.m. | 325 Hagen Hall

MSUM Physics and Astronomy seminar series presents “Physics in Life, AFTER , A “lifetime” in Physics,” featuring Bruce Flaig
(1972, Physics & Chemistry).

Flaig writes about his presentation: Or, “How I’ve tried to use physics throughout a life that never quite went in the direction I planned.” I am currently mostly retired. I have degrees in physics, chemistry and meteorology. I’ve worked as an analytical chemist, biochemistry lab assistant, computer programmer, climatologist, meteorologist, physics instructor, aquatic weed harvester, and carpenter. I hope to give interesting answers to why I found and find physics both fascinating and useful no matter where I went or what I did. I may talk about the joy in F=ma, dropping calculators for profit, shining lights through cameras the wrong way or why Euclidean geometry gives me headaches.

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