China Business Trip: Applications are currently being accepted for the China Business Trip, May 19-June 10. Three credits are available for this course. For an experience that will last a lifetime, travel with us to China, a country that claims a history of 5,000 years. Throughout the journey, we will compare and contrast business in China with business in the United States. By experiencing for yourself the rural-urban dichotomy, the co-existence of communism and capitalism and the effects that the current economic boom has had on the environment, you will gain an awareness of the effect that China’s culture, history, and political ideology have played in shaping China’s role in the global economy. When we visit educational institutions and companies involved in global business, you will have opportunities to interact with students, businesspeople and politicians to discuss issues related to global interdependence and public policy. Attending cultural events and visiting historical sites will raise our consciousness of China’s long history.

Application forms are available in CB207A.  For information please contact Dr. Ruth Lumb CB207G;; 218.477.4652.