Seminar students present for MSUM Physics/Astronomy Seminar Series

MSUM Physics/Astronomy Seminar Series Presents:

Student Literature Presentations
Friday, Nov. 15
3-3:50 p.m.
325 Hagen Hall

Please join us this week for more in our series of talks by our seminar students. The students have been working throughout the semester to find interesting articles from the literature to present to a wide audience.

This week:

Nathan Walker: Why Do Stars Twinkle, and Why Do They Twinkle on Mars?
– Twinkling is a phenomenon that seems unique to stars and not to other stellar objects, such as planets. We will discuss various models of twinkling, and the conditions needed for us to observe twinkling on Earth, and if it is possible to observe twinkling on other planets.
Authors: L. Whitehead, J. Huizinga, M. Mossman

Anthony Woltman: Tarzan’s Dilemma: Challenging Intro Physics Students
– “Tarzan’s Dilemma” is a challenging kinematics problem accessible by first-semester physics students. We will discuss the problem itself, and the results of a project where students were asked to keep a record of their work on this easy-to-pose yet surprisingly
challenging problem.
Authors: M. Rave, M. Sayers