This is a very important message for students receiving military education benefits due to prior military service, current military service or transferred entitlement as a dependent. Many are unaware that if you meet the above criteria, you are automatically a member of the MSUM Veterans Club.

The Veterans Club has been recently asked to review our status as an organization due to lack of participation and the time has come to either become more active or disband. There will be a meeting Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 4 p.m. in Flora Frick 149 to discuss how we will be moving forward as an organization.

The club’s purpose is to enable veterans to better socialize with one another, form study groups, build friendships and provide networks for each other in our adaptation to college life. Last year they participated in the Homecoming Parade, collaborated with the Film Loop while they were showing a movie during Veterans Day, organized a food drive and donated hygiene items for homeless veterans.

If you are receiving veteran benefits or are a veteran on campus, your opinion matters to us. We hope to see you next Tuesday.

Jesse Wiemer
Veterans Club