Student Organization Officers and Advisors Need to Complete Registration Process

Student Organization Officers and Advisors, it is now time to complete the annual student organization registration process. Please go to, click on Student Organizations, and then Registration/Updates. This is a 3-step process. All organization officers (including the President) need to complete Step 1. All organization advisors need to complete Step 2. Please note that the Alcohol and Other Drug policy and other policies have changed; please read them thoroughly and consider saving the PDF files for future reference.

The President will then need to go back and complete Step 3 once all officers and advisors have completed their steps. For Presidents, a new question was added this year, “I want to join. What should I do?” Please respond to this question as if someone that wants to join your club asks you this question (i.e. show up to our weekly meeting or we only recruit new members during Sorority Recruitment Week, etc.). This information will show up on the online public organization directory.

If you have questions or run into problems, stop by the Office of Student Activities in CMU 222.