Get Involved in PRSSA

Get involved in MSUM’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Chapter this year!

What is PRSSA and what do they do?
MSUM PRSSA is a Chapter of the National PRSSA. We seek to advance the public relations profession by nurturing generations of future professionals further.

Chapter Level:
-At the Chapter level we have a year long theme towards professional development that we implement in the activities that we do.
-We do promotion, fundraising and social events for ourselves.
-We have speakers, skills seminars, workshops and talk about case studies, ethics and public relations news at our weekly meetings to explore the public relations field.
-We tour local agencies and network with professionals.
-We host elections once a year in April to elect the Executive Board for the upcoming school year.

National Level:
The National level opens up a whole new set of opportunities for our members.
-There are national gatherings (National Assembly, National Conference, Leadership Rally and Regional Conference) where PRSSA member from across the country meet up to brainstorm ideas for successful PRSSA Chapters, network and have fun. We had four attendees at National Assembly last year in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the beginning of April. It was a great experience and our Chapter.
-We have access to an exclusive internship page on the National PRSSA website that you can post your resume on or job search.
-We attend Minnesota Pro-Am Day where we travel to the cities and are matched with a public relations professional that we shadow for the day followed by speed networking with the whole group.
-There are individual scholarships and Chapter awards that we can apply for.
-You can run for National Committee at National Assembly and be on the Executive Board for the National Chapter.
-We can join PRSA New Pros five months before we graduate. (this is the transition from PRSSA to PRSA [PRSA is a national society that most public relations professionals are members of])
-We get a discount when joining PRSA after we graduate for being a part of PRSSA.

How do you get involved?
Attend our first meeting of the school year this Friday (August 30) in the PRSSA office: Flora Frick Hall, Office 250-PR Campaign Conference Room to learn more about us. If you have schedule conflicts but would still like to be involved email our account to become a part of our email program!

Becoming a member:
To become a member there is a membership due of $80/year that is to be paid by Nov. 1. This grants you access to our email program, workshops, skills seminars, resources, National benefits, socials and more!