During an all staff meeting, May 16, the MSUM Community Outreach Center (within the Counseling & Student Affairs Graduate Program) was recognized by the Fargo Housing and Development Authority as a “Partner We Can’t Live Without.”

The clinic coordinator, Ben Erie was presented with a plaque stating the MSUM Community Outreach Center is “Making a Difference.” The Assistant Director of FHA also identified future collaborations with the MSUM Community Outreach Center including joint grant writing and sharing other resources. To date the MSUM Community Outreach Center has collaborated with Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority in housing 10 chronically homeless individuals who have a diagnosed mental illness by providing the counseling services necessary for them to qualify for Shelter-Plus-Care. There are another two individuals and one family who are attending counseling services who will be housed in the coming months.

The collaboration has met a community need while effectively training Counseling & Student Affairs graduate students through their work with diverse populations.