The new phone books have arrived, and the Office of Campus Sustainability would like to remind you to recycle your old phone books. They are collecting them in a large green tote located near the elevator in Bridges Hall.

The Office of Campus Sustainability is also testing a pilot project whereby a team of students are now responsible for emptying the blue recycling bins. As such, they will not have keys to individual offices. If you have a white office paper recycling box at your desk, please help them by emptying it into one of the blue bins in the hallway. This box may also be used for other recyclables such as newspapers, magazines, cans and bottles. If you have any questions about recycling, please contact Joe Herbst at

A couple other housekeeping items in regards to recycling at MSUM:

  1. Cardboard and paperboard boxes: please empty the trash from these boxes, flatten them, and tuck them behind the blue recycling bins.
  2. Plastic bottles: please remove the caps and drain any excess fluid before depositing into the recycling containers.

We appreciate your cooperation, and thank you for recycling!

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