Anthropology students attend Nobel Prize Forum

Dr. Paul Farmer, Andrea Kochensparger, Diana Oster and Dr. Bruce Roberts.

Undergraduate Anthropology majors Andrea Kochensparger and Diana Oster attended the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis March 8-10 along with their advisor Dr. Bruce Roberts, Anthropology & Earth Science. The theme of the 25th Anniversary Forum was The Power of Ideas: People and Peace. Laureate speakers included 2006 Nobel Peace prize winner and Grameen Bank founder, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, and Yemeni journalist, human rights activist and 2011 Nobel Peace prize recipient, Tawakkol Karman. Keynote speakers included medical anthropologist/physician and co-founder of Partners in Health, Dr. Paul Farmer, and obstetrician, reproductive scientist and CEO of Family Health International, Dr. Malcolm Potts. Ms. Kochensparger and Ms. Oster will present a poster on their experience at this year’s MSUM Student Academic Conference.

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