Starting spring semester 2013, the Information Technology Department, in conjunction with the MSUM Office of Campus Sustainability, will be implementing new student printing protocols aimed at reducing overall consumption of paper, toner, energy use, and wear and tear on printing equipment.

Whereas the previous printing protocols allowed for excessive use, the new protocols will allocate 500 pages ($25) of printing credit per student each semester, and additional credits may be purchased if necessary. The default quota was decided by consulting with other local colleges/universities and reviewing print usage at MSUM to determine what could be considered reasonable and fair for student printing.

The Project at a Glance:
• Starting in the spring 2013 semester, each student will be allotted 500 printed sheets ($25) per semester
• No change to Faculty or Staff printing procedures
• No cost to students, unless they go over the quota of 500 sheets per semester. Additional credits may be purchased ($.05/page)
• Students will continue swipe their Dragon ID at the printer terminal to release print jobs
• Students will be able to track their usage
• Documentation regarding how to add funds will be located on the MSUM help desk page
• All current MSUM students or faculty/staff members will continue to be able to print
• With this change in printing policy, all printing by students will be counted against their semester quota. MSUM IT instructional staff is ready and willing to help provide options for electronic document storage and submission. You can contact them via or 218-477-2603
• These new protocols improve the environmental and fiscal sustainability of our campus

MSUM IT Helpdesk
218.477.2603 |
Livingston Lord Library LI114