We are pleased to invite all supervisors, deans, directors, chairs, managers and bargaining unit leaders to attend a one hour presentation by Ms. Karen Hanauer on December 1, 2011 beginning at 11:00 a.m. in Room 203 of the Comstock Memorial Union.  

Hanauer is the Statewide Program Administrator for the State’s Organizational Health Service unit and their team of organizational health consultants. She will review their services and topics of consultations that are available to all workplace leaders. Their services include helping supervisors sort out complex and sensitive workplace issues, providing coaching and language for specific situations, and offering techniques and direction to ensure a healthy, productive resolution of any workplace issues that supervisors are encountering. They are able to assist with team building, critical incident debriefing, and recognizing symptoms of depression. The State of MN EAP and the services that are available to all supervisors and leaders are free and confidential. Please take a moment to look at their website.

An investment of one hour of your time will be well spent should you need these services now or in the future. We look forward to having you join us in the student union on December 1st.