Social Work alum receives Housing & Redevelopment award

Kasye Sherva graduated in Spring 2009 from the School of Social Work and is employed at Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority (FHRA), where she is the assistant manager of the Resident Opportunity for Self-sufficiency Program (ROSS).

Kasye was recently awarded the 2010 Mountain Plains National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials award for her innovative way of making a difference in the communities and lives of the people she serves with her Hoarding and Housing Program at FHRA. Kasye says the Hoarding and Housing Program is a very complex, time-consuming program, but she believes it is worth her work.

She enjoys helping amazing, creative individuals stay in housing by treating them with respect and empowering them by focusing on their accomplishments. She feels that the social work program at MSUM taught her to embrace diversity and welcome challenges. Kasye stated, “Social work is an amazing strength-based practice and that is what our residents need.”

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