Lean project teams continue to make strides in improving processes throughout campus.

The Furniture Acquisition and Inventory project scope was to examine and redesign the furniture inventory and acquisition process from request by faculty and/or staff to delivery of furniture in academic buildings. The project team has presented its final report to Vice President Jan Mahoney, and the project recommendations are on the Lean website.

The Campus Hiring Process project, led by facilitators Diane Wolter and JoDee Haugrud, is expected to take place within the month. The project scope is to examine and streamline the hiring process from the time a position has been authorized to be searched through the acceptance of an offer.

The campus continues to seek project nominations from any MSUM employee. If there’s a process that you think could improve, please let us know by submitting a project on the Lean website or by contacting a member of the Lean Working Group: Jean Hollaar, Karen Mehnert-Meland, Michelle Malott, Pam McGee, Kirsti Fleming or Kristi Monson.