A lecture on “Honoring the Legacies of the Centennial of Mexico’s Revolution through a Focus on the Role of Las Adelitas Historically and Contemporarily” will be held Thursday, Nov. 18 from 7 to 8 p.m. in CMU 227.

“The role of Las Solederas or Las Adelitas during the Mexican revolution extended beyond merely “nursing” Mexican revolutionaries. This talk will briefly discuss the role of las solederas historically to focus on their many roles during the revolution and the flexible gender roles Mexican women were able to inhabit. I will then turn to the contemporary representations of las adelitas through Chicana/o arte and explore the reverence for the figure of la soledera as a sign of honoring the strength of women as well as utilizing the legacies of the fierce mujer for current Mexican/American struggles.

The lecture is sponsored by Organizacion Latina Americana.