Academic Affairs Council wants faculty to be aware of the following opportunity from the National Endowment for the Humanities:

The Summer Stipends program welcomes projects that respond to NEH’s new Bridging Cultures initiative. Such projects could focus on cultures internationally or within the United States. International projects might seekto enlarge Americans’ understanding of other places and times, as well as other perspectives and intellectual traditions. American projects might explore the great variety of cultural influences on, and myriad subcultures within, American society. These projects might also investigate how Americans have approached and attempted to surmount seemingly unbridgeable cultural divides, or examine the ideals of civility and civic discourse that have informed this quest.

The Summer Stipends program accepts applications from researchers, teachers, and writers, whether they have an institutional affiliation or not. Applicants with college or university affiliations must, however, be nominated by their institutions.

Faculty members teaching full-time at colleges or universities must be nominated by their institutions to apply for a Summer Stipend. Once faculty members are nominated by their institutions, they may submit their applications via Each college and university in the United States and its jurisdictions may nominate two faculty members. Any faculty member is eligible for nomination.

In order to be considered for nomination from MSU Moorhead, please submit the following, electronically, no later that 8:00 am, Monday, Sept. 20 to Brittney Goodman –

  1. A brief letter of interest including a summary of the research project you are proposing
  2. A two-page Vita

Faculty who submit this material will be notified no later than Tuesday, Sept. 21 whether or not they will receive a nomination from MSU Moorhead, and if applicable, will need to follow the process and timeline outlined on the NEH website:

Note that it is a tight timeline – Sept 30th.