Good Samaritans, including MSUM nursing student, recognized for saving an area woman from choking

Published March 29, 2010

WDAY Staff Reports

Sharon Anderson was eating lunch at the Golden Corral in Fargo earlier this month, when a piece of steak got lodged in her throat.

Her cousin Bernell Sannes and two complete strangers, Kathy Oines and (MSUM Nursing student) Susan Ross, took quick action that saved her life. Tonight, those three were given the citizen’s life saving award, in front of family and friends.

“And at one point I leaned down and said to Sharon, Sharon, God gave you a second chance at life today, use it well and I know that you will.”

One of Sharon’s rescuers says this is a perfect example of why every person should know C-P-R and how to properly perform the Heimlich maneuver.

In an e-mail to the MSUM Nursing department, Susan Ross wrote: “On my birthday (March 7th) my husband and I were eating at Golden Corral. A lady collapsed from choking on a chunk of steak. Before Kathy and I could get the steak removed her heart stopped. So after finally getting the meat out we started CPR. She ended up making it and is doing very well now. She is recovering in a nursing home very sore from the trauma that we did to save her life.”

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