New Rivers PressNon-profit publisher to host public celebration April 22

New Rivers Press, a not-for-profit literary publisher and teaching press housed since 2001 at MSUM, is pleased to announce its 40th continuous year of operation.

With a history seeded in the small press movement of the late 1960s, more than 325 titles in print, and five new President Edna caught in the viewfinder of a television camera during Friday’s press conference titles planned for release this year, New Rivers Press is celebrating its dual mission: to find compelling new books, especially from new and emerging writers in the Upper Midwest, and to provide MSUM and Tri-College students with learning opportunities, including a Certificate in Publishing.

Senior editor Al Davis invites the public to enjoy an evening of readings and reminiscence at the New Rivers Press 40th Anniversary Reading at Zandbrõz Variety, 420 North Broadway in Fargo at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 22.

The event is free to the public and will feature noted New Rivers Press authors Madelyn Camrud (This House is Filled with Cracks, 1994), Barbara Crow (Coming Up for Light and Air, 1995), John Reinhard (Burning the Prairie, 1988 and On the Road to Patsy Cline, 1996), Mark Vinz (The Weird Kid, 1983; Late Night Calls, 1992; and several anthologies), and other guests.
“Under the direction of MSUM faculty and staff, Graphic Design students design our books; English, Mass Communications, and MFA students help edit and market them; and students from many disciplines assist in all areas of operation,” Davis said. “We are proud of our authors, who have won many awards, including national awards and Minnesota Book Awards, and equally proud of the many students who have worked with us since 2001.” One recent book, The Sound of It, poems by Minneapolis attorney Tim Nolan, is a finalist for this year’s Minnesota Book Awards. (Winners will be announced April 25.)

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Founded in New York by C.W. “Bill” Truesdale as one of the first independent presses in the United States, New Rivers Press has been continuously producing quality literary texts since winter 1968. Overcoming an uncertain future after Truesdale’s death, the press moved to MSUM in 2001. In its 40 years, New Rivers Press has released more than 325 titles while upholding its mission to “publish enduring literature and provide academic learning opportunities for students.”