Personality and genetics

Students research the effects of cortisol By Meghan Feir Hermella Alemneh and Mikaela Hanson are using zebra fish in a research project that could have a direct correlation in the way we understand how hormones play a vital role in human personality outcomes. Alemneh and Hanson’s presentation title, “Does A Stressed Mothers’ Hormones Contribute to the Personality of Their Offspring?” […]

Brian Wisenden had article accepted for publication

Brian Wisenden, Biosciences, recently had an article accepted for publication in the international peer-reviewed journal “Behaviour”: Kalueff A, Stewart AM, Cachat J, Maximino C, Jesuthasan S, Wisenden B, Bally-Cuif L, Lange M, Vernier P, Norton W, Tierney K, Tropepe V, Neuhauss S, International Zebrafish Neuroscience Research Consortium (ZNRC). 2012. Time to recognize zebrafish ‘affective’ behavior? Behaviour (special issue on contributions […]

Bioscience students publish their research in international peer-reviewed journal

Bioscience graduates Cory Sailer and Sonny Radenic, both 2011, and Bioscience student Randy Sutrisno received final acceptance for publication for their research paper entitled “Maternal effects and exploratory-boldness behavioural syndrome in zebrafish.” The research was supervised by Brian Wisenden. Thus far, 62 undergraduates have co-authored peer-reviewed research papers with Wisenden.

Brian Wisenden has book chapters appear in two volumes

Brian Wisenden, Biosciences, had two independent writing projects on the neurobiology of zebrafish appear as book chapters in two separate volumes in November: Wisenden BD. 2010. Quantifying anti-predator response to chemical alarm cues. In: Zebrafish Neurobehavioral Protocols (Kalueff AV, Hart P, LaPorte J, eds). Humana Press (Springer Science). pp. 49-60. Wisenden BD. 2010. Learned recognition by zebrafish and other cyprinids. […]