University Archives closed Sept. 7-10

The University Archives and Northwest Minnesota Historical Center in the library will be closed from Monday, September 7 through Thursday, September 10. The Archives will be open by appointment only the remainder of the semester. You can contact the Archives at 218-477-2346 or

University Archives/Northwest Minnesota Historical Center

For assistance at the University Archives and the Northwest Minnesota Historical Center located in Lib 404 of the Livingston Lord Library, please contact Korella Selzler, (; 477-2346 a.m.) or Travis Dolence, librarian ( Normal hours are 8:00-noon, Monday through Friday. Other times can be prearranged by contacting Korella or Travis. The website for the University Archives is The NMHC […]

Shoptaugh to deliver 2009-10 Roland and Beth Dille Distinguished Faculty Lecture

Dr. Terry Shoptaugh will deliver the 2009-2010 Roland and Beth Dille Distinguished Faculty Lecture during Homecoming Week next fall semester. hoptaugh arrived on campus in 1986, hired as the Director of University Archives/Northwest Minnesota Historical Center and part-time reference librarian. He earned tenure in 1991 and for many years, students have enrolled in Dr. Shoptaugh’s history and American multicultural studies classes. Moreover, as Korella Selzer writes in her nomination letter for the Dille Lecturer, students respect and appreciate his knowledge of local history, Minnesota History, and U.S. History. “He,” Selzer notes, “instills in them the overall context of history. I have witnessed students becoming excited about their research after discussing their projects with Dr. Shoptaugh.” Click headline to read more.