Faith Sycaoyao Amplifies Global Climate Awareness with Google-backed Climate Cardinals Through Creative Graphics

Faith Sycaoyao, a Deputy Graphics Director at Climate Cardinals and an Economics and Business sophomore at MSUM, plays a key role in a monumental climate advocacy effort. Recently celebrated in Axios and Forbes, Climate Cardinals, the world’s largest youth-led climate organization, has recently received a $400,000 grant from, thanks to the dedicated efforts of its senior leaders. This funding surge will enable the translation of an additional million words per year, supplementing the 2 million words already translated from volunteers at 80+ countries!

Faith has been instrumental in creating captivating graphics that vividly convey critical environmental research and statistics, enhancing the organization’s outreach and impact with 25,000 media audiences. MSUM students who are passionate about making a tangible difference in the global climate dialogue are encouraged to support this initiative! Join Faith and the Climate Cardinals team in their mission to spread environmental awareness across languages and cultures!

Student volunteers can sign up at:


Articles and the Climate Cardinals Team:


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