MSUM adds new healthcare emphasis to its Ed.D. program

MSUM is accepting Fall 2023 applications for its new healthcare emphasis in the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership. 

This emphasis will give students more opportunities to advance in healthcare education and leadership in the community. The program emphasizes the importance of collaboration between disciplines such as healthcare administration, education and nursing.

“Healthcare requires transformational leaders, and this type of degree supports that leadership philosophy by promoting education and leadership under a doctoral degree,” said Dr. Brandi Sillerud, coordinator of the Master of Health Administration program.  

Experienced educators, leaders and practitioners who have already obtained their master’s degree are invited to apply. The program’s delivery is online, with two in-person summer residencies. It is designed to be completed within eight consecutive semesters or three years.

“Students taking this program will have the specialized knowledge and skill set to be successful change agents in roles across higher education, administration and the healthcare industry,” said Dr. Jitendra Singh, co-chair of the School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership.  

For more information, visit MSUM’s Ed.D. healthcare page at