Angela Harrelson recap

Erienne Fawcett leads the conversation with Angela Harrelson.

Erienne Fawcett, coordinator of Gender and Sexuality, led a moving discussion last week about Angela’s experiences as a Black woman and how Perry’s death (aka George Floyd) can serve as a positive means to encourage others to be racial justice activists. Attendance exceeded 130 with a book signing and meet and greet held after the discussion, where she connected with campus and community members, signed books and posters, and posed for pictures. Her visit had a lot of media interest, with stories noted below.

More than 130 campus and community members attended Angela Harrelson’s talk.

During her campus visit, Angela met with Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Frank King and ODI staff during a feedback and leadership input discussion strategizing the best way to develop global transformative students. She also had the opportunity to connect through storytelling and visited with a few young professional women about the joys and hurdles of being a woman in the working world.

She told Erienne, “MSUM was so accommodating and felt like the ODI staff was family; she felt ‘at home’ at MSUM.”