Undecided Students: Consider LIAS Major

Are you an unsure of what you’d like to major in? Interested in a dynamic, growing field serving older people? Looking for a high job placement major filled with variety? Consider majoring in Leadership & Innovation in Aging Studies (LIAS).

Consider this: By 2050, the world’s 60 and older population is expected to double, and the 80 and older population will triple. Professionals specializing in aging and serving the needs of the growing elderly population are needed more than ever before.

LIAS coursework integrates aspects of social work, nursing, healthcare leadership, psychology, biology and other disciplines. A degree in LIAS will prepare you for careers in healthcare, human services, elder care facilities and more. It is offered as a major, minor, and can even be combined with another discipline for a dynamic and flexible double major.

Some potential careers for LIAS graduates include: