State and National Park Artist in Residency Programs

Professor and ceramic artist Brad Bachmeier will conduct Artist-in-Residencies this May at Makoshika State Park in Montana and Theodore Roosevelt National Park in N.D. Bachmeier helped both parks establish their first AIR-host program. Bachmeier will provide free public programs, demonstrations and workshops entitled “Earth Echoes” at both parks. He will spend his time studying the local clays, geology, history, people, […]

Psychology courses offered this summer

Psychology courses offered this summer: Psy 113 General Psychology Psy 202 Developmental Psy 261 Personality Psy 317 Alcoholism & Drug Abuse (2 sections—seats still available in second section) Psy 324 Environmental (Currently full-if interested add name to waitlist) Psy 345 Brain & Behavior, Psy 402 Child/Adolescent Psy 463 Abnormal Psy 469 Internship (Permission Required.  Contact Dr. Malone at Psy […]

New Psychology course added to schedule for Fall 2022

A new course has been added to the schedule for Fall 2022: Psy 390: Topics: Parenting, Families, and Communities  Tuesday & Thursday from 3:00-4:15 pm in BR 361 Instructor: Joshua Johnson Course description: A developmental perspective on parenting, families and communities. Topics will involve the latest issues and research in working effectively with parents and children at all stages of […]

Epic picnic still on regardless of weather

Greetings Supervisors, Thank you once again for registering for the Student Employee Celebration! While we were hoping for more spring-like weather at the end of April, it’s unfortunately forecasted to be a bit chilly and rainy tomorrow during our celebration. Because the plants for our make and take succulents are tender and the dilly bar coupons are paper, we are […]