Speak Up – New Date

Speak Up 2022 has been rescheduled for Wednesday, March 9 at 7pm in the CMU Ballroom or via livestream on the MSUM YouTube page.

This year’s speakers are
• Bradley Banken – an MSUM alumni discussing digital identity and social media presence.
• Dru Perry – an MSUM senior discussing the Strong Black Woman stereotype and her experiences.
• Nicole Sandoval – an MSUM sophomore discussing intersectional identities and the importance of staying true to yourself.
• Alicia Nelson – an MSUM senior discussing the way identity changes over time, and what makes up our identities.
• Dominick Oliver – an MSUM student who will discuss identity from the perspective of a Black man.
• Kirsten Jensen – MSUM’s Associate Vice President of Marketing, who will discuss embracing every part of your identity, even the things that make you self-conscious.

Event details