Welcome New Chaplain at MSUM

Please join me in welcoming our first Campus Chaplain, Dominique Buchholz to MSUM and the Dragon Family


What is a chaplain?

The role of a chaplain in state institutions is an interfaith role (similar to chaplains in hospitals, police departments, or the military), providing free confidential listening and spiritual care to all students, faculty, and staff who would appreciate it, regardless of their religious or non-religious backgrounds.

How can individuals utilize this resource?:

  • Schedule a confidential conversation anytime.
  • Refer a student who may be hesitant to seek counseling services but is in need of a caring conversation.
  • Schedule a coaching appointment. Coaching has been described as “untangling your shoelaces.”  It’s purpose is to untangle an area that feels stuck, outline clear goals or how to handle a challenge you are facing, and determine practical steps to reach those goals (this does not need to be in regards to something spiritual, Dominique is a trained vocational coach)

How can my department utilize this resource?:

  • Invite Dominique to join a meeting to explore how you could partner and how she could be supportive of the important work you are doing on campus.
  • Invite Dominique to lead team building activities in your department.
  • Collaborate on: service learning opportunities, interfaith learning opportunities, and community/team building.
  • Utilize the campus chaplain services as a non-anxious presence in times of anxiety or crisis.

How is this position funded?

  • This position is funded by the Non-Profit Crossroads Campus Ministry which has been serving MSUM for nearly 70 years. Dominique wears two hats, Campus Pastor to the students involved in Crossroads, and Chaplain to all students, faculty, and staff.

This is a contracted position, partnering with the university to provide support on campus through free:

  • interfaith education
  • spiritual wellness opportunities
  • confidential spiritual/emotional care conversions

Chaplain Dominique will serve on the Care Team and work most closely with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion towards our strategic anchor to “create a campus community that is diverse, inclusive, globally aware, and just.”

She joined  the Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Division, but is sincerely interested in working across all areas at MSUM.

Chaplain Dominique’s Background:

Bachelor’s of Social Work (Concordia College)

Masters of Divinity (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary/ Graduate Theological Union)

CPE/ Chaplain Education: Hospice of the Red River Valley

Coaching Certification: ELCA Coaching

Contact Information


  1. 218-477-4329 or in the CMU ODI/Global Suite-Office 120

Brenda Amenson-Hill, Ed.D.

Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Minnesota State University Moorhead

  1. 218.477.2200/F. 218.477.4324