Students in COMM 352: Social Media Campaigns are participating in a nation-wide digital media competition this semester.  They are conducting research to create a strategic campaign for a digital health program.  We are asking for your assistance in completing this brief survey.

Digital Health Programs (DHPs) refer to the use of technology (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet) in an effort to maintain health and promote wellness.  Many DHPs offer online coaching, wearable technology, and/or skills training to help users reduce stress, lose weight, or track exercise.  Some examples of DHPs include programs like Noom, My Fitness Pal, Calm, Wondr, and more.

The purpose of this anonymous survey is to gain an overall idea of media consumption, advertising, and considerations of DHPs.  Participation in this survey is voluntary and you can quit at any time.

All responses are anonymous.

Thank you for participating in this survey.  Please contact Dr. Kay Beckermann ( if you have any questions or concerns.

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