Sponsoring Students for Conference for College Women Student Leaders

The Women’s Center and the College of Business, Analytics, and Communications (CBAC) are covering the cost of registration (worth $125) for up to 10 students to attend AAUW’s virtual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, May 25-26, 2021: https://www.aauw.org/resources/events/nccwsl/

At NCCWSL, you will build your leadership skills across our five core learning objectives:

  • Leadership development: Develop and strengthen a voice, skill set, and mind-set for leadership
  • Professional development: Build a professional tool kit for postgraduate life
  • Activism: Learn how, why, and when to take action and be a change maker
  • Women’s Issues: Gain a better understanding of local, national, and global issues and policies affecting women and of AAUW’s role in empowering women
  • Identity and Diversity: Own their personal identities and roles in increasing and supporting diverse voices

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from women movement leaders and activists, network with others across the country, and attend workshops and powerful keynote speakers – all from the comfort of your couch! This year’s keynote speaker is Brittney Cooper, author of the book Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower (2018). Brittney Cooper is an American author, professor, activist, and cultural critic. Her areas of research and work include black women organizations, black women intellectuals, and hip-hop feminism.

 In exchange for covering the cost of registration, those selectyed for sponsorship will connect with our Marketing team following the conference to make a short video about what they learned from the experience, why it was valuable, and how it contributed to their education (students do not need to be physically on campus this summer to do this). These videos will be posted to social media to inspire more students to engage with AAUW and take advantage of opportunities like the NCCWSL in the future! 

In order to be eligible for sponsorship, students must be:

  • Currently enrolled at MSUM during the Spring 2021 semester
  • Of any gender
  • Pursuing any major in any college or program at MSUM

Apply for sponsorship via Dragon Central: https://mnstate.campuslabs.com/engage/submitter/form/start/470210

Students selected for sponsorship will be notified in late April. Questions? Contact Dana Bisignani at (218) 477-4973 or dana.bisignani@mnstate.edu