Dr. Sue Humphers-Ginther, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice and Gerontology Program Coordinator, was recently appointed Webinar Moderator for the Minnesota Gerontological Society (MGS) whose mission is to bridge research and practice in the field of aging. MGS provides educational and professional development opportunities for practitioners, students, educators, and researchers to enhance services for Minnesota’s aging population. Monthly webinars feature expert credentialed presenters and average approximately 800 attendees primarily from the upper Midwest, including current and former MSUM Gerontology graduates. Dr. Humphers-Ginther has been a member of the MGS Board of Directors for several years; is Co-Chair of the Gerontology Educators Network; and is a past MGS Co-President. For more information, see: https://www.mngero.org/


Sue Humphers-Ginther