Peterson publishes in Innovation Abstracts

Dr. Aaron Peterson (Dept. of Leadership and Learning) recently was published in Innovation Abstracts.  This source, through the University of Texas at Austin, puts a focus on community and technical colleges across our nation.  Articles look at best practices of faculty, student success and two-year institutions’ impact within the landscape of higher education.

Dr. Peterson led a team in conducting a study this past summer that looked at the challenges two-year faculty from within the Minn State system were/are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  These challenges ranged from transitioning courses to online delivery to ways of coping with stress.  The article citation is:

Peterson, A. M., LeDuc, J., Tate, L., & Kaufman, J.A.  (2021).  Pivoting in a time of pandemic: The faculty experience.  Innovation Abstracts, 43(2).