Starting in 1960, Women’s Centers changed the landscape of higher education and continue to do so. Join Women’s Center staff and students from MN and WI as we celebrate our Centers’ milestone anniversaries with three virtual conversations focused on the past, present, and future of Women’s & Gender Equity Centers, how we’ve adapted, and the critical work of forging our feminist futures.
Our first conversation will focus on the history of how women’s centers came to be on college campuses, including the very first Women’s Center in the country, which opened at the University of Minnesota just 60 years ago. Our next two conversations will take place on Feb. 24th and March 23rd. Full details can be found on Dragon Central or on Facebook @MSUMWomensCenter.
Anitra Cottledge, University of MN Women’s Center
Jane Olsen, St. Cloud State Univiversity Women’s Center
Dana Bisignani, MSUM Women’s Center
Dr. Alicia Johnson (moderator), University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Women’s Center