By Geneva Nodland, Marketing Intern

MSU Moorhead’s new bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) program started this fall, and so did Megan Proulx, the School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership’s new student support services specialist. Her role is to help students throughout their time in MSUM’s nursing programs.

“My position will primarily focus on working with undergraduate nursing programs,” Megan explained, “but will also have some tie-in with all students in the department.”

Megan will work with students in the BSN programs, graduate nursing programs and healthcare administration. She also coordinates the clinicals for nursing students, working as a conduit to local healthcare providers. 

Before this position, Megan worked as the student relations coordinator in MSUM’s College of Science, Health & the Environment. Although there is some overlap from her previous job to this one, she is now more focused on advising because of the admittance-based nursing program and difference in curriculum.

Before Megan worked in those positions, and the MSUM admissions office before that, she was a student, Dragon Ambassador, and Student Orientation Counselor at MSUM. She earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in Spanish. She also graduated with her master’s degree in counseling and student affairs from the university.

“I have gained a different perspective from the very beginning of when a student steps foot on campus as a prospective student to when they walk across the stage,” Megan said.

The favorite part of her job, and in past roles, is watching the growth and development of the students she gets to know.

Megan has worked with the nursing faculty to prepare for the fall semester. In doing so, she gained perspective into why this program was needed to meet workforce demands and uphold the responsibility MSUM has as a regional university.

“Students were seeking it, we have the faculty and the infrastructure for it, and our community needs more nurses,” she said.

Now that the program is underway and the first BSN cohort is taking courses this fall, Megan is excited for them to work with outstanding faculty and utilize the new space in Hagen hall.

“We do an outstanding good job at MSUM, and especially in the nursing program, of creating high-quality learning experiences for students,” Megan said.

Megan says the holistic nursing curriculum differentiates MSUM’s nursing program from others. The atmosphere surrounding the university sets it apart as well.

“We have a welcoming environment, and we hear that a lot, but being on campus and experiencing it is another thing,” Megan said.

Megan has worked with and helped many students in the past. Now, she and the nursing faculty are ready to guide the students down the path to graduation and rewarding nursing careers.

Megan has this advice for students starting the new BSN program:

  • Get to know your classmates.
  • Get to know your faculty members.
  • Remember that we’re here to help you grow and succeed in the program and become an excellent nurse.