Dear MSUM Students,

You are doing the important work of helping to keep our Dragon Family safe by wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, and washing your hands. Thank you!

Today’s communication provides some important information about resources for you:

1)      Student COVID-19 Reports

In order to serve students who have tested positive for COVID-19, or have come into close contact with someone who did, it is imperative that you report this using our Student COVID-19 Report Form as soon as possible. We have a team of case managers who will reach out to you to offer assistance with quarantine housing, classroom absence, technology needs, and other necessary accommodations to support you during this time. This is also a critical step for us to continue to lessen the spread of COVID-19 at MSUM and to keep us all on campus.

We continue to share the number of positive COVID cases that have had contact with the MSUM campus on our Dragons Care website. You can find these reports, updated every weekday, at this link.

2)      MSUM Safety Levels

We have organized a team of representatives from across campus, including representation from Student Senate, to help us determine safety levels and corresponding mitigation actions that MSUM will take if our identified COVID-positive case thresholds are surpassed. The indicators used to assess safety levels have been set by the Minnesota State University System Office with guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health. The MSUM Pandemic Response Team Leadership Advisory Council reviews our current status daily to determine if additional safety measures need to be recommended to the President’s Cabinet.

Remember to check back frequently at the Dragons Care website for updates related to classes, housing, activities, and more. And, follow @MSUMoorhead on Instagram for the latest Q&A. Send your questions to

Dr. Brenda Amenson-Hill  
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management  

Dr. Kara Gravley-Stack  
Dean of Students  
Title IX Coordinator
Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management