Sara Danielson

The Admissions Office is taking going virtual to a whole new level! While classes have gone virtual, so have tours and other admission events.

We asked Dragon Ambassadors and elementary inclusive education students Sara Danielson and Van Fritch-Gallatin how they have transitioned to online services.

Q: What is Admissions doing now that school has gone virtual?
A (Danielson): Dragon Ambassadors are giving virtual tours. We hop on Zoom with a prospective student and walk them through the virtual tour that is on the website. We do our best to help the student get a feel for the campus without actually being here. It is a challenge because it’s hard to describe the feeling of the MSUM community, but as Dragon Ambassadors, it’s our job to accept that challenge and show our prospective students why we love MSUM.

Van Fritch-Gallatin

Q: What is your role in going virtual?
A (Fritch-Gallatin): Since going virtual, I have learned how to give a virtual tour over Zoom using a combination of 3D and still pictures of campus so students can see what it would be like to be on campus. I have given one virtual tour and it was a great experience.

Q: What would you say to someone looking to do a virtual tour?
A (Danielson): Do it! Dragon Ambassadors and the rest of the Admissions team are doing our best to show our Dragon pride, help students get a feel for the MSUM community, and tell them everything MSUM has to offer through their screen.

Q: What are the benefits of working on campus?
A (Fritch-Gallatin): The benefits of working on campus include a work schedule that fits with your class schedule, meeting new students, and enhancing skills that will help in your future career.

Q: What skills are you gaining from working on campus?
A: (Danielson): Working on campus has provided me opportunities to grow as a leader and as a team player. It has given me the chance to work on my communication, organization and time management skills.

Q: How can prospective students sign up for a tour?
A (Fritch-Gallatin): Prospective students can sign up for a tour at

We are grateful the Admissions team has found an alternative way to introduce prospective students to campus!

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