Ecology and evolutionary biology student Patrice Delaney found her passion for the prairie last summer. Her passion turned into research, and although the Student Academic Conference is not happening in person, her project on “Monitoring a Local Prairie Restoration’s Success Before and After a Controlled Burn” will be available on the SAC website.

Q: What is your project about?
A: I am doing a poster for my quantitative biology class, where I look at the prairie before and after a burn.

Q: Why did you choose this project?
A: I wanted to get involved with the game cameras, and I fell in love with the prairie last summer while working there.

Q: Who were your mentors?
A: Dr. Alison Wallace was our mentor last summer and will be again this summer for the same project with the nutrient networks. Dr. Donna Stockholm helped with the game cameras. They helped me realize that this type of career is possible, attainable and fun. Everyone is still learning so it’s less intimidating.

You can view Patrice’s presentation and others at!