We happen to know that you’ll be home for a while, so right now is the perfect time to check off items in the Student Life Pathways that you can do on your own. A bonus: Some these are things you’ll be doing anyway! And all you have to do to get credit is answer a few reflection questions in DragonCentral, easy!

This week we’ll focus on the Personal Wellness Pathway “on your own” items… a litttle more wellness is something we think is probably we’re all looking for right now. Keep reading to learn about ways you can grow on your own time!

Let’s start easy: Advising and registration

Academic Wellness – This might be shocking, but there are two Pathway items that you can check off just by meeting with your advisor and registering for classes before the start of the next semester. So easy right?! First, meet with your advisor online. If you have questions, Academic Support Center has a Zoom Room each day or you can email them. After you’ve met, answer the reflection answers on DragonCentral in the Paths section.

To get credit for registering before the end of the semester, just register when your window opens up and answer reflection questions, again on DragonCentral! It’s really that easy!

Listen to some podcasts and videos

Lots of on your own time Pathway events are designed to help you learn in other ways, like listening to podcasts or watching an online video. Then you just need to answer a few questions about what knowledge you gained! Since we know you’re probably searching for some to listen to/watch anyway, here are a few that will check off Pathway items in DragonCentral.

Constructive Criticism Podcast: We know it’s hard to love criticism, but it really benefits you in the end. Adam Grant, a Professor of Organizational Psychology, re-frames criticism in a way that lets you understand how to appreciate it and seek it out instead of hiding from it.

Budgeting in College” and “Everything You Need to Know about Student Loans”: We know that budgeting in college just got a whole new level to it, so watch these two videos to understand more about your own financial situation.

Understanding Your Paycheck” and “Taxes 101”: Tax season is upon us (even with the extension to pay your taxes). These two short videos will help you understand more about what deductions come out of your paychecks and how to do taxes. After you’ve watched head to the Financial Wellness section on DragonCentral and check off these items!

Read articles

If you’re making it a goal to read more, then this might be the perfect on your own Pathways items for you. Here are a few in the Personal Wellness Pathway.

Understanding Your Paycheck Withholdings” and “How Income Taxes Work”: If videos aren’t your thing, you can read these articles instead of “Understanding Your Paycheck” and “Taxes 101.” Just like the videos, they provide information about your paycheck and taxes and are incredibly important, and are options to check off an item in the Financial Wellness skillset on DragonCentral

Read 3 Articles on the Campus Well Website: For this item, you get to choose the articles you want to read and answer reflection questions. Each article has to be on a different topic, but other than that it’s all up to you.

For other on your own time Pathway items, head to DragonCentral and navigate to Paths. Stay safe and healthy Dragons!