Wednesday, Feb. 26 | 4:30 p.m. | MacLean Hall 167

Dr. Joe Bessie, Philosophy, is going to give a colloquium on Wednesday, February 26, at 4:30 pm (MacLean Hall 167). His topic and the synopsis are as follows:

“Moral thinking in the daily life of a philosopher: one philosopher’s view of the foundations of moral epistemology in everyday life”

Philosophers have studied the nature of ethics and morality for many centuries and teach their theories in philosophy courses. Yet at the level of professional discussions of moral philosophy profound differences continue to exist regarding how best to think about ethics. Ethics is thus sometimes contrasted with science—although there are disagreements in science, there is also broad agreement on many fundamental issues and on how scientific disputes ought to be settled. Knowing these challenging problems, how can a philosopher function as a moral agent in everyday life?

All are welcome.