Participate in the Mug Crawl for DragonFrost

Are you trying to get the word out about your office, department, or student org? Once again Dragon Entertainment Group is doing the Mug Crawl for DragonFrost and we are inviting you to participate. The Mug Crawl will take place on Feb 3 from 10 am to 2 pm. If you are not aware, the mug crawl consists of students going around to different locations on campus and checking in at each location. After checking in at a minimum number of locations they will be able to receive a mug. As in past years, each participating location provides a snack or beverage for the students.
Please email by January 29 if you are participating and what you will be providing as a snack or beverage. You will be responsible for providing the catering. This event has traditionally had 250-300 participants, not all of whom will go to each location. It is a great way to get students information about your organization, office or department!