MSUM hosted the 14th annual Undergraduate Research in the Molecular Sciences (URMS) on October 25- 26, 2019. Students from 9 regional universities and representing research partnerships from as far away as Prague, Czech Republic were represented. Abigail Bormann presented her research with Craig Jasperse entitled “Improving the Drug Antipyrine: Synthesis of C-4 Nitrogen Variants and Aldol Products with Aldehydes and Ketones.” Kelsey Leach and Anna Madsen presented their research entitled, “Isolation and Characterization of Microbacterium phage Etta and Discovery of Bacteriophage Vers Using a Novel Antarctic Cryobacterium Isolate.” Aspects of this research were mentored by Michelle Tigges and Sumali Pandey in conjunction with the spring 2019 Virus Hunters course (BCBT 390), and extensions of their research project include mentoring by Sara Anderson. The full author list included: Kelsey Leach, Anna Madsen, Madelyn Madsen, Sara Anderson, Sumali Pandey and Michelle Tigges.